Week 14 – Activity Feedback

  • Your 3 favorite activities this semester, and a few words about why
    1. My favorite activity was probably the spray painting. I had a ton of fun making the poster with my puppy and although it turned out terrible. I had fun working with spray paint. I feel like its something I wouldn’t have ever used outside this class.
    2. My second favorite activity was sand casting. Although my cast was a bust, I also believed this was a fun assignment and who doesn’t love a reason to go to the beach?
    3. My third favorite was the classmate conversations assignment as a whole. I never make an effort to get to know a lot of my classes. I liked how through the classmate conversation assignments and discussions this class became a sort of community for me on campus.
    4. The photowalks were awesome too!
  • Your 3 least favorite activities this semester, and a few words about why
    1. I really did not like the Moonbase Alpha assignment. I was very confused and although it was a cool concept I was just really unsure of how to go about linking into other sites. I would have rather done more photography assignments.
    2. I didn’t like the Instagram assignment either. I didn’t really see the significance of the hashtag and yes it was cool to see my classmates and their pictures, but I keep my Instagram network relatively small.I don’t follow people I don’t see or talk to regularly and I don’t really want my posts shared with people outside of this circle.
    3. I did not like the cuisine art activity either. I think I was brainwashed from a young age that playing with my food and it was just weird for me to actually bring myself to do that. I ended up baking cake pops and organizing them in a cute way, but that took a long time.
  • Any other feedback on the class – fun? boring? easy? hard? relevant? irrelevant? useful? useless? etc
    • This class was a breath of fresh air in my day. I have 5 classes stacked on two days and this is the class in the middle. It’s a nice break from my hard classes and a little time to relax and just enjoy the class. I don’t have to stress about being super accurate and critically analyzing to the extent I have to in my other classes.
  • What could make the class better?
    • Honestly the class is perfect it as it is. It’s the perfect amount of work for a GE and a great introduction to the various forms of art. It also challenged me to expand my knowledge about what  I consider art.

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