Wk 13- Art Experience- Care Package

An art care package is very similar to sending a snap chat, just not as modern. It’s similar because it likes a snapshot of a particular moment in time. All the momentos represent something an individual was doing in that particular moment in time, just like snapchat. I believe ephemera is precious and gains tremendous value over time. I know as a kid I would go over to my grandparents and I would love all their little treasures and momentos simply because they were from a long time ago. In fact my grandma used to have these “yard sales” in her living room where she would auction her ephemera off to my sister and I based on how close we were to the number she had behind her back. I think art that is only seen by a few is more valuable. A painting in the Museum of Modern Art is just like any other famous painting in a big museum. A smaller individual work of art like an art care package is much more individualized which makes it not only more unique and special, but more valuable. The time it takes for an art care package to reach a recipient also makes it more valuable. There’s a buildup of excitement and a sense of restlessness while you’re waiting for it to come. Snapchat is instantaneous and I don’t think there’s anything really that great about that. It just encourages further instant gratification in our generation and there’s enough of that with other technology as it is. I think taking the time to prepare something with love is very possible and apparent in smaller art projects like cooking a meal or putting together an art care package. McDonalds and Snapchat really can’t compare to preparing something with love. It’s instant, there’s no thought or effort put into it really so there’s not a whole lot of value.


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