Wk12- Art Experience- Geocaching

I’ve always loved Geocaching and I think that it it’s pretty cool that this was our art experience for this week. It’s always an adventure to find them and it’s cool that no matter where you are, you know there’s some hiding somewhere. I’ve found geocache’s in 7 different states so far and it’s just been a neat experience. My family and I have been geocaching together for the last four years and we’ve hidden a few. Finding them just sort of makes you feel more interconnected with your community. You know other people have been there and looked for the same geocache as you. Then if you pass a geocache you found its like a little secret you share with the other people that find it. You know it’s there, but no one else does.  There was one in a tree by the main street in my neighborhood at home and to this day I always think about it every time I drive by. I didn’t have a whole lot of supplies for my geocache, but I put together a nice little box and hid it within one of the open supply closet things in my apartment complex.



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