Week 11- Activity- Turning Pages

Personally I thought this was a fantastic idea for an art experience. I think in this modern age it is so easy to be caught up in technology and so many people, especially young people lose sight of just living in each moment.We are constantly caught up in our phones texting, using some irrelevant app, or reading an even more irrelevant article off Facebook. I thought it was cool that the activity incorporated books. I feel like while technology has taken off books have been declining in popularity which is sad. I’ve always loved getting caught up in a good book and lost in the story. I don’t have time to do that anymore, but people have lost sight of the entertainment one can find from books. I thought it was a bit awkward sitting with children books, but at the same time it brings you back to much simpler times. I feel the same way when I’m at Disneyland.

The book store was interesting as well. The book store always seemed like it had a  pointless name to me. It’s not really a store just for books. It has textbooks that are sold to students for a ridiculous price that students have to buy and a bunch of apparel to represent the university. I think the university would be much better off promoting books with adventurous and thrilling story lines then a bunch of sweatshirts and shirts. Maybe thats just me though. I really enjoyed this activity overall. I feel like it’s way more valuable to live in the moment rather than to document everything with pictures or social media. There is so much more to gain from just being fully aware of your surroundings.


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