Week 14 – Activity Feedback

  • Your 3 favorite activities this semester, and a few words about why
    1. My favorite activity was probably the spray painting. I had a ton of fun making the poster with my puppy and although it turned out terrible. I had fun working with spray paint. I feel like its something I wouldn’t have ever used outside this class.
    2. My second favorite activity was sand casting. Although my cast was a bust, I also believed this was a fun assignment and who doesn’t love a reason to go to the beach?
    3. My third favorite was the classmate conversations assignment as a whole. I never make an effort to get to know a lot of my classes. I liked how through the classmate conversation assignments and discussions this class became a sort of community for me on campus.
    4. The photowalks were awesome too!
  • Your 3 least favorite activities this semester, and a few words about why
    1. I really did not like the Moonbase Alpha assignment. I was very confused and although it was a cool concept I was just really unsure of how to go about linking into other sites. I would have rather done more photography assignments.
    2. I didn’t like the Instagram assignment either. I didn’t really see the significance of the hashtag and yes it was cool to see my classmates and their pictures, but I keep my Instagram network relatively small.I don’t follow people I don’t see or talk to regularly and I don’t really want my posts shared with people outside of this circle.
    3. I did not like the cuisine art activity either. I think I was brainwashed from a young age that playing with my food and it was just weird for me to actually bring myself to do that. I ended up baking cake pops and organizing them in a cute way, but that took a long time.
  • Any other feedback on the class – fun? boring? easy? hard? relevant? irrelevant? useful? useless? etc
    • This class was a breath of fresh air in my day. I have 5 classes stacked on two days and this is the class in the middle. It’s a nice break from my hard classes and a little time to relax and just enjoy the class. I don’t have to stress about being super accurate and critically analyzing to the extent I have to in my other classes.
  • What could make the class better?
    • Honestly the class is perfect it as it is. It’s the perfect amount of work for a GE and a great introduction to the various forms of art. It also challenged me to expand my knowledge about what  I consider art.

Wk 13- Art Experience- Care Package

An art care package is very similar to sending a snap chat, just not as modern. It’s similar because it likes a snapshot of a particular moment in time. All the momentos represent something an individual was doing in that particular moment in time, just like snapchat. I believe ephemera is precious and gains tremendous value over time. I know as a kid I would go over to my grandparents and I would love all their little treasures and momentos simply because they were from a long time ago. In fact my grandma used to have these “yard sales” in her living room where she would auction her ephemera off to my sister and I based on how close we were to the number she had behind her back. I think art that is only seen by a few is more valuable. A painting in the Museum of Modern Art is just like any other famous painting in a big museum. A smaller individual work of art like an art care package is much more individualized which makes it not only more unique and special, but more valuable. The time it takes for an art care package to reach a recipient also makes it more valuable. There’s a buildup of excitement and a sense of restlessness while you’re waiting for it to come. Snapchat is instantaneous and I don’t think there’s anything really that great about that. It just encourages further instant gratification in our generation and there’s enough of that with other technology as it is. I think taking the time to prepare something with love is very possible and apparent in smaller art projects like cooking a meal or putting together an art care package. McDonalds and Snapchat really can’t compare to preparing something with love. It’s instant, there’s no thought or effort put into it really so there’s not a whole lot of value.

Wk13-Classmate Conversation- Maison Chiu

This week I had the pleasure of getting to know Maison Chiu. She’s a first year majoring in business marketing She likes how marketing is a way to express ideas and sell something in a creative manner. She originally wanted to do fine arts but didn’t like AP fine arts in high school. She likes how  business marketing is both stricter and creative. She actually lives about ten minutes from school in Long Beach. She likes it because it’s an easy commute and saves money. In her free time she likes to draw and paint, play tennis, and listens to music. She’s gone to a few concerts but they’re really expensive so she doesn’t go to a lot. If she could be any animal she would be a bird so she could fly, but she was worried it might be exhausting to constantly flap her wings. She prefers waffles over pancakes because of the texture (me too). If she could live any era it would be the 1950s.



Wk12- Art Experience- Geocaching

I’ve always loved Geocaching and I think that it it’s pretty cool that this was our art experience for this week. It’s always an adventure to find them and it’s cool that no matter where you are, you know there’s some hiding somewhere. I’ve found geocache’s in 7 different states so far and it’s just been a neat experience. My family and I have been geocaching together for the last four years and we’ve hidden a few. Finding them just sort of makes you feel more interconnected with your community. You know other people have been there and looked for the same geocache as you. Then if you pass a geocache you found its like a little secret you share with the other people that find it. You know it’s there, but no one else does.  There was one in a tree by the main street in my neighborhood at home and to this day I always think about it every time I drive by. I didn’t have a whole lot of supplies for my geocache, but I put together a nice little box and hid it within one of the open supply closet things in my apartment complex.


WK 12- Artist Conversation-Jenifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition:  SUCCESSION

Media: Printmaking and Digital Prints

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Overall, I thought Jenifer was just a really cool person. She received her undergraduates degree in biology, but ended up deciding to pursue a master in fine arts. I think it takes a lot of courage to make a lifestyle change like that. The salaries coupled with a biology major are most likely much larger then of one with a master of the fine arts. It’s really courageous that she followed her heart and was kind of reassuring to me. Outside of art she is still very interested in science. She said a lot of artwork kind of blends her love of both science and art by focusing on succession. This an ecological term describing how a landscape changes over time. After graduation she could see herself working as an art professor here at CSULB.

Formal Analysis

Jenifer’s work is all photographs. Some are prints and some are digital prints.It’s mostly landscapes in color, but one of her pieces has pink accents. All of her pieces are taken from an aerial perspective and two of them include roads.

Content Analysis

To be honest, I didn’t really see the connection of science in her pictures. The only really abstract one I feel like it could maybe apply to is the piece with the pink accents.However, I’m not always the best with seeing things abstractly in art. I think the prospective in her prints were pretty cool. I like how it encompassed so much of the landscape and how the roads were kind of the center of attention


I have a lot of respect for Jenifer and the courage it took to find a career that encompassed both her passions. In this day and age I think a lot of people sell out to what’s easy or where the most jobs are. It was really encouraging to see that she had both and was happy.


Week 12- Classmate Conversation- Jayson Fields

This week I got to get to know Jayson Fields better. I really enjoyed getting to know him better and let’s just take a moment to appreciate how awesome his name is. It sounds like something out of a movie or spy name. I don’t know I just think it’s cool. Anyways, Jayson is from Buena Park. He likes it there because he’s close to all his friends and family. There’s nothing he doesn’t really like about where he’s from. If he had to choose anything to change it would be the 25 minute drive to school every day. He’s a kinesiology major with an option in athletic training. He picked this major because he’s been playing sports his whole life and has had a lot of injuries. He was inspired by this and wanted to learn to treat sports injuries and help other athletes which is super cool. His favorite thing about CSULB is the campus because of it’s openness and all the different places to relax and hang out with friends. In his free time he plays volleyball and hangs out with friends. His favorite movie is The Longest Yard because he’s a big Adam Sandler fan. I love Adam Sandler and had never heard of this movie so I’ll have to check it out. If he could be any animal he would be an eagle because he’d be able to fly and travel wherever he wanted to.



Week 11- Activity- Turning Pages

Personally I thought this was a fantastic idea for an art experience. I think in this modern age it is so easy to be caught up in technology and so many people, especially young people lose sight of just living in each moment.We are constantly caught up in our phones texting, using some irrelevant app, or reading an even more irrelevant article off Facebook. I thought it was cool that the activity incorporated books. I feel like while technology has taken off books have been declining in popularity which is sad. I’ve always loved getting caught up in a good book and lost in the story. I don’t have time to do that anymore, but people have lost sight of the entertainment one can find from books. I thought it was a bit awkward sitting with children books, but at the same time it brings you back to much simpler times. I feel the same way when I’m at Disneyland.

The book store was interesting as well. The book store always seemed like it had a  pointless name to me. It’s not really a store just for books. It has textbooks that are sold to students for a ridiculous price that students have to buy and a bunch of apparel to represent the university. I think the university would be much better off promoting books with adventurous and thrilling story lines then a bunch of sweatshirts and shirts. Maybe thats just me though. I really enjoyed this activity overall. I feel like it’s way more valuable to live in the moment rather than to document everything with pictures or social media. There is so much more to gain from just being fully aware of your surroundings.


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