Wk9- Art Experience- Moonbase Alpha- Raven Hufflepuff

Raven Hufflepuff

My name is Raven Hufflepuff and I’ve recently turned 19 here at Moonbase Alpha. I love space travel in all forms. I love visiting my friend Samuel Sartoff Seras Slothington III on the planet sloth. I enjoy slowing down and relaxing while I’m there. Oh I also forgot to mention that I am a space astronaut and able to perform maintenance on our ship the Arc. This allows me to travel to all the various places in the galaxy as I have special privileges with Moonbase Alpha. I also really enjoy visiting my friend Dank Waters  he has so many stories to tell and I really value his friendship. He is immortal which makes him very interesting to talk to. My friend Ava the queen is with Dank most of the time as she also works in the medicine field.

I think my absolute favorite part of moonbase alpha is the friendships I’ve made and the opportunities I’ve gotten to travel. It’s been such a cool experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.




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