Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: F*Art, Fiber Arts Group Show

Media: Woven cotton yarn, trash bags and metallic yarn

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Website: none

Instagram: @aliciakeyworth

About the Artist:

Alicia Keyworth is an undergraduate student working towards a bachelor degree in the Arts Fiber Program as well as Art Education. She is looking to get a single credit credential for Art to become a teacher. She started off as a graphic design major but after she took a fibers class she fell in love.In her free time she likes to weave and work on things with her hands.

Formal Analysis:

This piece was inspired by the Eastern Garbage Patch so it makes sense that it consists of garbage. Alicia talked about how this piece was a bit of a challenge for her as she typically works with a lot of colors and this piece is made up only of  black and gold. Because it is a woven piece, Wasteful Growth actually has a lot of texture in it as well.
Content Analysis:

I thought it was really interesting how she repurposed something considered trash and turned it into art. I think this spoke volumes for the message she was trying to get across about trash in the ocean. The simplicity of this piece was also extremely intriguing to me. When I think of trash in the ocean I think of huge complex garbles of trash, not a simple black sheet with a simple gold shape.


Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit. I loved the hipster vibe it gave off and some of the other pieces displayed as well. Alicia was the only artist present from the exhibit, but she was very friendly and eager to answer questions. I really liked how I felt the art somewhat related to my sense of style. As a sociology major I also really liked how her art tied into a global issue like ocean pollution. I recently wrote a paper on the Eastern Garbage Patch and it was cool to see her make a statement about it.


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