Wk7- Classmate Conversation- Katherine Shinno

This week I had the pleasure of getting to know Katherine Shinno. It turns out that we had a lot of things in common and I really enjoyed getting to know her. She’s a first year from south Pasadena. She’s currently studying to become a communications major and her dream job is to work for the Walt Disney company (ME TOO). She is a pass holder like me and loves going to Disneyland. Her favorite ride there is Indiana Jones. Mine is Pirates of the Caribbean, but Indiana Jones is definitely a close second. We got to chatting about Pirates of the Caribbean and I discovered she’s just as obsessed with Johnny Depp as I am. Our love for him is strong! She says she’s pretty “stereotypical” when it comes to what she likes to do with her free time. She likes hanging out with friends, listening to music, and going to movies. She used to play tennis and basketball, but has chosen not to continue this in college. If Katherine could be any animal, she would be an otter because she loves the water. Katherine also thinks that otters are neat because they’re savy enough to float on their backs and open things up super cool. Again I was so glad I got to get to know her and maybe one day we’ll work at Disney together!




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