Wk7- Art Experience- Group Video Project Spongebob Theme

Spongebob Theme starring Danielle Dallas and Friends from Jamie Filosa on Vimeo.

Overall, I think shooting our video went really well and I had a blast doing it. We originally were going to do a music video to the song Drop It Like It’s Hot but ended up deciding to do the Spongebob Theme Song as we were really feeling Spongebob today. We tried to go a variety of different places as the Spongebob theme flashes to different places. We went and actually stood in the fountain by the Macintosh building, then we put Danielle up in a tree, and finally we decided to swing by the theater where we have class because we thought it would be cool.  I really like editing stuff so I enjoyed editing the video together and getting the words to match the song. I think it came out pretty good. It was definitely a nice break in my extremely long Thursdays. I’m on campus from 8 am to 8pm so it was a breath of fresh air!


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