Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Helen Werner Cox

Artist:Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition:Silent Screams

Media:pastels, oil paint, prints

Gallery:CSULB School Of Art, Gatov Gallery West


Instagram:no instagram

About the Artist

Helen is working in the drawing and painting program in the figurative tract program. This show was part of completing her MFA.She used to be a teacher in Boston for high school and middle school before she went back to school for art.She moved to California because she was sick of the cold and snow.

Formal Analysis

This exhibit was inspired by carousels and how they relate to our society. I like how all the colors in her work blend together and is very continuous, much like a carousel. Line work is the base for shading and bright pastels highlight the main features of the paintings.

Content Analysis

Helen liked carousels and wanted to make this painting as a metaphor for adults and how they continue to make the same mistakes over again while doing nothing to fix it.Instead of adults she used horses because they were once necessary in our society, but are no longer really useful except as pets. I thought her thought process was very interesting and wasn’t as out there as some of the other artists we talked to.


Personally I found how the way this exhibit related to carousels was really intriguing. On the show Grey’s Anatomy the phrase “the carousel never stops turning” is used as a metaphor for adulthood and that’s always intrigued me. It was really interesting to see how this same concept carried over into Helen’s art.




Wk 10- Art Experience- Instagram

I noticed a lot of classmates posted on campus about what they were doing in class. This seemed like a community of some sort. I posted pictures from a trip to Disney from earlier in the week because I was pretty sick still on Thursday and I felt pretty gross. This art experience inspired me to keep this second instagram for pictures I take at Disney. I take a lot of pictures there, but I never post more than one on my normal instagram. I always feel like people would judge me. So I have dubbed my new instagram JamieLostInDisney and if you want to check out some of the pictures I take, follow me!


Wk 10- Classmate Conversation- Breezy Hastie

This week I had the pleasure of getting to know Breezy. A lot of my mutual friends knew her already so it was really cool to get the chance to talk to her more.She is from Orange County and is a fashion merchandising major. She was originally marketing until she found out it was really fashion she wanted to be involved in directly. She’s in Delta Gamma and absolutely loves it. Her favorite thing about Long Beach is being able to go to the beach and see her parents and the mountains all in the same day. In her spare time she likes to craft and over spring break she is only working. She’s really excited for Stagecoach (like me ). If she could be any animal she would be a pig because she thinks they’re really cute.


Wk9- Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Artist:Sean Joy

Exhibition:All Work All Play

Media:copper and silver(metals)

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website:no website

Instagram:personal instagram only, no art instagram

About the Artist

Sean Joy was very excited as this is her first art show. She is in the CSULB school of Metal Art’s metal program and is in the process of completing her BFA.Sean calls LA home but was lucky enough to dorm for 2 years here in Long Beach. When she’s not working on her art work, she’s gaming or looking for cats. When she is working on her artwork, she really likes to experiment and be active. Sean originally came in as a creative writing major then switched to studio arts and finally ended up at metal arts. She didn’t know there was a program that existed like it.

Formal Analysis

All the media is made up of metals like silver and copper. All of Sean’s pieces are extremely unique and all seem to have extremely smooth edges with interesting lines accenting all of her pieces.There was no additional color added so all of her work is the color of silver and copper.

Content Analysis

Sean really puts emotion into all of her work. She has a lot of respect for the metals and who they require patience to work with. Sean really loves how you can perfect metals from a technical aspect. There is no going back and changing anything so she has to go with what she’s feeling in the moment. You can really see this reflected in her work.


I was personally really inspired by her drive and passion to succeed in all of her work. College is really trying for all majors and a lot of people give up. Seeing how passionate she was inspired me to try a little harder in my school work.


Wk9- Classmate Conversation- Sean Hernadez

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Sean. Turns out his little sis in Greek life is actually one of my good friends so that was pretty cool. He’s a member of the pi kappa phi fraternity and is from Los Alamitos. He went to Los Alamitos High School and used to be very good at baseball. His hobbies are playing golf, running, and hanging out with his fraternity brothers. If he could pick two teams that were his all time favorite they would be the Chargers and the Angels.  Unlike when he was high school he doesn’t have time to play sports and he especially does not like basketball.IMG_5005.JPG

Wk9- Art Experience- Moonbase Alpha- Raven Hufflepuff

Raven Hufflepuff

My name is Raven Hufflepuff and I’ve recently turned 19 here at Moonbase Alpha. I love space travel in all forms. I love visiting my friend Samuel Sartoff Seras Slothington III on the planet sloth. I enjoy slowing down and relaxing while I’m there. Oh I also forgot to mention that I am a space astronaut and able to perform maintenance on our ship the Arc. This allows me to travel to all the various places in the galaxy as I have special privileges with Moonbase Alpha. I also really enjoy visiting my friend Dank Waters  he has so many stories to tell and I really value his friendship. He is immortal which makes him very interesting to talk to. My friend Ava the queen is with Dank most of the time as she also works in the medicine field.

I think my absolute favorite part of moonbase alpha is the friendships I’ve made and the opportunities I’ve gotten to travel. It’s been such a cool experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.



Wk8- Artist Conversation- Bri Joy

Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Screen Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: bri.joy

About The Artist

I found Bri Joy to be a very interesting individual. She grew up in a small town and transferring from a community to Long Beach was a big adjustment for her. However this has had a huge impact on her artwork. She’s currently studying to obtain her BFA in Printmaking. In her time away from her artwork she likes to surf, snowboard, hike, do yoga, and participate in sports. Most of the things she likes to do were very heavily influenced by living in a small town with no cell reception.

Formal Analysis

I didn’t really know much about screen printing prior to this exhibit. It took a lot really specific materials to complete these pieces of art; bfk printmaking paper, a water based ink screen, and light sensitive emulsion stencils are primarily the materials she used. All of her work is mostly black and white and I really enjoyed that. I like how a lot of smaller pieces and lines come together to create a bigger image.

Content Analysis

These pieces tie into the two different lifestyles Bri Joy experienced. A quiet life in a small town with no cell reception and a chaotic one here in Long Beach. You can kind of see the contrast within her art work. Some parts are serene, organic and smooth like the small town and some parts are short, mechanical, and choppy like the craziness of a bigger town like Long Beach.


Overall I really enjoyed this exhibit. I think it was interesting to experience screen printing as well as to hear more of a back story from Bri Joy. All the other artists I’ve spoken to have been somewhat vague about their past so it was interesting to get better insight on what is inspiring their work. I can relate to her inner struggle with being torn between two lifestyles. I grew up in a really small town in Connecticut and moving to California was a huge adjustment to say the least. I really liked how she let this show through in her artwork as well as with us.