Wk 5- Art experience-Cuisine

This week I experimented with making cake pops. If you’ve ever tried to make cake pops, you know it’s a work of art in itself just to get one that doesn’t like messy. My little had made some chocolate ones before Valentines day so we decided to give the vanilla version a try so I could learn. To make the cake pops you have to start by blending oreos in a blender until they’re pretty fine. That was a struggle as our blender is pretty broken. Then you mix in some cream cheese and roll it into balls for the cake pops. Then you put the balls in the freezer for 15 minutes and take them out to dip them in the chocolate.  The cake pops can’t be too hard or too soft so it’s tricky finding just the right balance. You put them on a stick then dip them in chocolate and throw on the sprinkles and stick them in a styrofoam cup for the chocolate to dry. I tried to arrange them in an artistic way in the pictures. In one picture the cake pops are exploring Mexico in their styrofoam cup boats then in the other I liked how they kind of looked like a wall.



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