Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Annie Ronning

This week I got the pleasure of getting to know Annie. I knew Annie previously through a mutual friend, but this class has given me the opportunity to get to know her better. We connected over both being cheerleaders in the Bay Area. She cheered for 10 years and I cheered for 8. She recently became a member of the sorority Delta Gamma and is majoring in athletic training. She just applied to the program last month and should hear back next month. If Annie could be any animal she would be a giraffe. Firstly because she loves them and secondly because “she’s already one.” Her biggest fears are failure and snakes. If you catch Annie doing anything fun, it would probably be outside. She spends her free time camping, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, or boating. Yosemite is absolutely her favorite place to be. She really enjoys camping in the Curry Village. The last time she visited she missed a rock slide by one day. Annie aspires to one day get her permit and climb Half Dome in Yosemite as well. I really enjoyed getting the chance to sit down and get to know Annie better. She’s a pretty great person.


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