Wk 4- Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

Artist:Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition:Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media:Metanna brand spray paint, ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West



About the Artist

Samuel Jernigan graduated last fall here from CSULB with a BFA in ceramics. He enjoys working on multiple pieces at once and he likes how he doesn’t have to spend a consistent amount of time to finish a project. He can work on 4-5 projects at a time and get them done in the span of a few weeks. In his free time, Samuel likes to read comics, binge watch cartoons, playing music, and eating. Jokingly, he said his work his based around beer. His day starts off with coffee and ends with a beer. His art, however, is inspired by alienation and belonging. Samuel Jernigan plans to continue is artwork in a graduate program at UCLA if he gets in.

Formal Analysis

I found it very hard to believe that some of the pieces in this exhibit were clay. They seemed so lifelike. It felt as if they were painted and had just come off the canvas. I wouldn’t have guessed they primarily consisted of spray paint and ceramics. Another thing I noticed about his artwork was that it is very large. I feel like a few weeks wouldn’t be enough time to make something as detailed and as large as some of the pieces in the exhibits. Everything was 3D and extremely lifelike. Nothing seemed abstract at all which I liked because it made it more interesting to look at.

Content Analysis

It’s hard to ignore the youthfulness of this exhibit. When I walked in and saw the blue shoulders with what looks like Cinderella’s dress, I immediately felt like it belonged in Disneyland or somewhere with kids. However, all the pieces had some sort of odd element to them. For example, the fish has one yellow eye.The orange shoulders have the ring toy as a head and many more little peculiarities. I liked this about his work. It was easy to digest but there were pieces of it that made me stop and think about why he chose to add that detail.

This has definitely been my favorite exhibit so far. I loved how it reminded me of my childhood and Dr. Seuss bedtime stories with my parents. Looking at this exhibit was a nice opportunity to look back at where I came from and see how far I have come. I believe that if a piece of art can do that, then it’s a good piece of art. Especially when it’s just an average college student looking at the piece. I don’t really understand art, and I love when I can understand it and think a little deeper into the piece’s meaning.



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