Wk 4-Art Experience- Spray Paint

I had some gold glitter spray paint left over from a craft that I made my little, so I decided to reuse that and be green. I got black poster paper and I wanted to make a heart covered in the spray paint with my name and my boyfriend’s puppy’s name outlined in the black poster. Trying to cut the poster into a heart was a struggle. Kahlua ( my boyfriend’s puppy) is very curious and kept trying to sit on the poster and sniff it. It was pretty entertaining. I put her in the hall so I could cut and spray paint it without it getting her dirty. Then I taped down letters of our names so they would be black still after the spray paint. It looked pretty cool after the gold glitter spray paint, but I didn’t like how subtle it looked. I googled DIY spray paint and came across a site that suggested mixing paint and water in an old febreeze bottle. It seemed cool and  if it worked it would be even cooler so I tried to make white. It didn’t really work so it ended up looking more like polka dots, but I liked how it turned out. When I tried to peel the letters off and the white paint I made started seeping into the black outline of the letters. I took a picture with the letters still taped on so one can somewhat make out what I wanted it to look like. I was bummed I wasn’t able to go to Venice. It seemed like a really cool experience. Also the entire time I was writing this post she just kept begging to sit on my lap so I wrote it with her on my lap. I’ll include a picture of that as well because I thought it was pretty funny.


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