Wk3 – Art Experience –SnapChat

I really enjoyed this project. I love using snapchat. Typically, whenever I’m using snapchat I’m rushing to send a quick snap and I don’t take the time to play around with the drawing tool. I didn’t even know they were called snapsterpieces! I thought that was pretty funny. My first snapsterpeice was the rainbow layers surrounding the TV. I was really entertained just by filling in the different layers. My second snapsterpeice was one of my little sis from DZ tanning by the pool. She’s my sunshine so I made her into a sun. I followed a few other people from the class on snapchat already and it was cool to see how artsy other people got with it. I loved how Haley used the colors like makeup and jewelry on her face. I also really liked the astronaut one. I didn’t know how to get black or white, but it definitely came out super cool. I think this project was definitely a cool way to get us to get a little more creative with an app we use almost daily.


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