Week 2- Art Experience- Plaster Casting

This was definitely an interesting experience for me. I’ve never worked with plaster before. I went by myself with a dying phone battery which was my first mistake of many. I also did not look up the instructions before I left. That being said, I should have definitely planned better. I got to the beach, plaster and bucket in tow, and I started digging my hole. It was only then that I realized that my phone was at 1% and I hadn’t read through the instructions. I frantically tried to read and memorize the instructions as I only had a free hour out of my week to make this plaster casting happen. I started digging and making a mold of my hand. Then I stirred the plaster and poured it into the mold that I made in the sand. It was only then that I remembered I needed to take pictures. Literally as I took a picture of my mold with the plaster, my phone died. My plaster cast of my hand didn’t come out well and ended up in pieces. I didn’t even think to save the pieces to take a picture of once I got home. It was a very frustrating afternoon. Moral of the story, always charge your phone and plan ahead for assignments. Lesson learned.IMG_0284.jpg


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