Wk 5- Art Experience- Fuse: Krystal Ramirez

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Artist:Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition:Fuse:Join to form;single entity


Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: no website, in the works


About the Artist

Krystal is an undergraduate in the 3D Media program working specifically with metals. In her free time she likes thrifting, antiquing, and DIY projects. This is somewhat apparent in her art work. Her work is also inspired by her drawing and the painting background. She likes to draw something then pull pieces from it and include those in her artwork. She also likes to focus on movement and linear forms.Ever since her jewelry making class in high school she has really enjoyed working metals.

Formal Analysis

All of Krystal’s work is made from just metal. This exhibit was cool because it was made up by a bunch of different artists. It was really cool to see how so many artists could come together and looked so cohesive.  Krystal was directly responsible for the salt and pepper shakers. There weren’t any typical salt and pepper shakers, they were much more modern and sleek.

Content Analysis

The curves of the salt and pepper shakers had smooth edges with a C shaped curve. Everything was just a continuous line.You can see how Krystal enjoys DIY, thrifting, and antiquing in her artwork. Everything seems very spontaneous and as if she just played it be ear.


Something that really stuck with me from this exhibit was the drive all the artists had. They were all so motivated to do well in the artwork and all had alternative careers ready and available that still related to their passions somehow. Krystal wants to go into industrial design if her artwork doesn’t pan out. Then this way she is still working with metal. I really liked the variety of artists and I also really liked how the pieces were almost all every day objects but in a new light.




Wk 5- Art experience-Cuisine

This week I experimented with making cake pops. If you’ve ever tried to make cake pops, you know it’s a work of art in itself just to get one that doesn’t like messy. My little had made some chocolate ones before Valentines day so we decided to give the vanilla version a try so I could learn. To make the cake pops you have to start by blending oreos in a blender until they’re pretty fine. That was a struggle as our blender is pretty broken. Then you mix in some cream cheese and roll it into balls for the cake pops. Then you put the balls in the freezer for 15 minutes and take them out to dip them in the chocolate.  The cake pops can’t be too hard or too soft so it’s tricky finding just the right balance. You put them on a stick then dip them in chocolate and throw on the sprinkles and stick them in a styrofoam cup for the chocolate to dry. I tried to arrange them in an artistic way in the pictures. In one picture the cake pops are exploring Mexico in their styrofoam cup boats then in the other I liked how they kind of looked like a wall.


Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Annie Ronning

This week I got the pleasure of getting to know Annie. I knew Annie previously through a mutual friend, but this class has given me the opportunity to get to know her better. We connected over both being cheerleaders in the Bay Area. She cheered for 10 years and I cheered for 8. She recently became a member of the sorority Delta Gamma and is majoring in athletic training. She just applied to the program last month and should hear back next month. If Annie could be any animal she would be a giraffe. Firstly because she loves them and secondly because “she’s already one.” Her biggest fears are failure and snakes. If you catch Annie doing anything fun, it would probably be outside. She spends her free time camping, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, or boating. Yosemite is absolutely her favorite place to be. She really enjoys camping in the Curry Village. The last time she visited she missed a rock slide by one day. Annie aspires to one day get her permit and climb Half Dome in Yosemite as well. I really enjoyed getting the chance to sit down and get to know Annie better. She’s a pretty great person.

Wk 4- Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

Artist:Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition:Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media:Metanna brand spray paint, ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West



About the Artist

Samuel Jernigan graduated last fall here from CSULB with a BFA in ceramics. He enjoys working on multiple pieces at once and he likes how he doesn’t have to spend a consistent amount of time to finish a project. He can work on 4-5 projects at a time and get them done in the span of a few weeks. In his free time, Samuel likes to read comics, binge watch cartoons, playing music, and eating. Jokingly, he said his work his based around beer. His day starts off with coffee and ends with a beer. His art, however, is inspired by alienation and belonging. Samuel Jernigan plans to continue is artwork in a graduate program at UCLA if he gets in.

Formal Analysis

I found it very hard to believe that some of the pieces in this exhibit were clay. They seemed so lifelike. It felt as if they were painted and had just come off the canvas. I wouldn’t have guessed they primarily consisted of spray paint and ceramics. Another thing I noticed about his artwork was that it is very large. I feel like a few weeks wouldn’t be enough time to make something as detailed and as large as some of the pieces in the exhibits. Everything was 3D and extremely lifelike. Nothing seemed abstract at all which I liked because it made it more interesting to look at.

Content Analysis

It’s hard to ignore the youthfulness of this exhibit. When I walked in and saw the blue shoulders with what looks like Cinderella’s dress, I immediately felt like it belonged in Disneyland or somewhere with kids. However, all the pieces had some sort of odd element to them. For example, the fish has one yellow eye.The orange shoulders have the ring toy as a head and many more little peculiarities. I liked this about his work. It was easy to digest but there were pieces of it that made me stop and think about why he chose to add that detail.

This has definitely been my favorite exhibit so far. I loved how it reminded me of my childhood and Dr. Seuss bedtime stories with my parents. Looking at this exhibit was a nice opportunity to look back at where I came from and see how far I have come. I believe that if a piece of art can do that, then it’s a good piece of art. Especially when it’s just an average college student looking at the piece. I don’t really understand art, and I love when I can understand it and think a little deeper into the piece’s meaning.


Wk 4-Art Experience- Spray Paint

I had some gold glitter spray paint left over from a craft that I made my little, so I decided to reuse that and be green. I got black poster paper and I wanted to make a heart covered in the spray paint with my name and my boyfriend’s puppy’s name outlined in the black poster. Trying to cut the poster into a heart was a struggle. Kahlua ( my boyfriend’s puppy) is very curious and kept trying to sit on the poster and sniff it. It was pretty entertaining. I put her in the hall so I could cut and spray paint it without it getting her dirty. Then I taped down letters of our names so they would be black still after the spray paint. It looked pretty cool after the gold glitter spray paint, but I didn’t like how subtle it looked. I googled DIY spray paint and came across a site that suggested mixing paint and water in an old febreeze bottle. It seemed cool and  if it worked it would be even cooler so I tried to make white. It didn’t really work so it ended up looking more like polka dots, but I liked how it turned out. When I tried to peel the letters off and the white paint I made started seeping into the black outline of the letters. I took a picture with the letters still taped on so one can somewhat make out what I wanted it to look like. I was bummed I wasn’t able to go to Venice. It seemed like a really cool experience. Also the entire time I was writing this post she just kept begging to sit on my lap so I wrote it with her on my lap. I’ll include a picture of that as well because I thought it was pretty funny.

Week 4- Classmate Conversation- Destiniy Farihi

This week I had the pleasure of getting Destiny. I was personally very inspired by her drive and motivation to exceed in school and her future career. She’s a chemistry major and aspires to someday be a pharmacist. She told briefly about the struggles and difficulties of declaring her chemistry and how hard pharmacy school can be. I’m not a science person so I have mad respect for anyone excels in that field. In her spare time she looks going to the gym and if you catch her in some very rare down time she’s probably watching the office. She hates when people chew loudly and also loves to shop. A cool fact about her is that she has really small feet! A size 3 to be exact! She’s a pretty average height so I found this pretty interesting! Her website

Wk 3- Artist Conversation-Joshua Vasquez

Info Block

Artist:Joshua Vasquez


Media:ink markers, plastic trash bags, paper mounted on wood panels, and red rosin paper

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West



About the Artist:

Josh Vasquez is an undergraduate here at CSULB and is working on a BFA for painting and drawing. This was his non degree solo show. He is from downtown Los Angeles and has had art in his life for “basically forever” as he puts it. However, he became much more serious about his art around two years ago and is due to graduate next Spring. His work mainly explores life and death and the many differences amongst the two.

Formal Analysis:

The media in this exhibition was really interesting to me. I loved how Josh incorporated clear trash bags by using marker on them in his art work. Trash is something most people see as ugly and he found a way to make it into art.  I think that’s pretty cool. I also liked how it was mostly black, white, and gray with minimal color. He also used red rosin paper, ink markers, and paper mounted onto wood panels.

Content Analysis:

It is very apparent how Josh’s art ties into life and death just by looking at it. However, I thought it was very interesting that the titles were in Spanish.Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Khalo inspired Josh’s work and I believe you can see that in some of the lines and style of his drawings. Josh even went as far to say that even his own art goes through a life and death cycle, it has some sort of life span. “The ink and paint will not survive as long as the plastic it is drawn on. And the flowers will not last as long as the paper beneath them.” I took this to mean as long as his artwork is complete and available to look at, then it’s alive. When pieces start to be taken away, like the paper underneath the flowers, the art dies. I thought this was an interesting quote to kind of tie together all of his work.

My Experience:

I really liked the simplicity of his art. There was detail, but not too much. The pieces with skulls and spirit looking figures obviously related to death, but the roses were a beautiful connection to life. I’d have to say the rose piece was hands down my favorite.I liked how the roses were related to life, but they looked very delicate at the same time, as if they were barely hanging on. I also really liked how the lines in the skulls and figures were really fluid. This exhibit was very easily relatable to me. Usually when I look at artwork I’m very confused and when I looked at Josh’s art it seemed very clear the message he was trying to get across.