Wk 1- Demise via Netflix and Chill

As a college student, I have an extremely busy lifestyle. School is a full time job in itself. On top of that I also work and have an internship which doesn’t leave a whole lot of free time in my day. However, there is one thing that gets me through the day. Something that helps ease the stress, regardless of the kind of day I’m having. This something would be  when I’m Netflixing in my bed. If I had to pick a way to die this would definitely be a top choice. Ideally I’d like to die somewhere in Disneyland, but unfortunately I did not have the time to go take my landscape with a corpse picture there. In my Landscape With a Corpse I am watching Grey’s Anatomy, wrapped up in my favorite and warmest butterfly blanket, drinking away my troubles ( and my life too I guess) with some hot coco. I just know however I die, I want to die happy and I’m definitely happy vegging out with some Netflix.




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